29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why my private part is paining while pee.. anyone tell me.

2 Answers
Answer: May be u have urine infection. Show it to doctor
Answer: Visit your doc dear..it may b cause of infection
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Question: Hi today my stomach n back is paining a bit can anyone tell me why
Answer: it is absolutely normal in the pregnancy as your uterus is getting stretch that is why stomach pain is very normal because the ligaments are getting pressure for the stretching of uterus , and back pain is quite normal because our body weight is increasing at this time so that's why we do feel back pain , whenever you will see it please you some pillows at your backside whenever you will lie down please use pillows at your both side , you can take some massage at your back side that you will get relieve , you can have some Cold compression at your back and your stomach side that will also give you some release always wear some cotton oversized dress walk for 20 to 30 minutes it will provide and increase the oxygen in your body and the blood flow increases at your body so it will help help you to decrease the body pain ...
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Question: Actually my vagina part is paining since 1 week while changing position in sleeping,while sitting,standing why can anyone suggest
Answer: Hi, it is because of the increase the pressure of the growing baby weight you may be feeling pressure on the vagina because the baby is moving down it is normal and nothing to worry . you should go slow in your activities do not walk a stand for a long time . you should keep pillow between your legs while sleeping for comfort
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Question: When I am moving my private part is paining why?
Answer: Its normal because the baby was weight gaining and pressure your pelvics,bladder
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