4 months old baby

Question: Why my kid is not interested to breastfeeding?..

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Answer: Hi, The best and most proven way is to start with skin to skin contact, and put the baby to the breast frequently. these will increase the milk producing hormones naturally and encourage baby to suck.  Always ask your pediatrician first. If it is breast milk then it could be something in your diet, which is smelling and that is causing the baby is not taking. Possible answers...allergy to milk,  ear infection. We discovered all  were the cause. Turns out the sucking irratates their ears. So look at signs: fussy, ear pulling or touching. 
Answer: Dear baby is developing a lot and getting interested in other things. If they are also bottle fed at times, they might also have just realized that the bottle flows a lot faster and more easily than the breast. Some babies go on a temporary “nursing strike” and then resume — so don’t assume your baby is just done.
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Question: My 2 years kid is not at all interested in having milk.what is the alternative??
Answer: Hello dear Drinking milk is very necessary to have an adequate amount of calcium. But if ur baby don't like milk then better is to give a variety of other calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, dark leafy greens almonds and calcium-fortified orange juice.
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Question: Hi my baby s not interested in breastfeeding ... he lks solid food ....hw can I make him drink breastmilk....everyone says breastfeeding is good for baby..but he is not interested in breastfeeding...wt to do
Answer: Dear offer breastmilk when you baby is hungry. And after that offer food. This way he will have breastmilk out of hunger. However please note that his amount of food intake will reduce in that case as his tummy will be half filled by breastmilk so feed ur baby accordingly. Hope it helps.
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