7 months old baby

Question: Why my baby so crying

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Answer: Baby cries the many reasons so don't worried
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Question: My baby was crying night to morning continues iam so sad why this happen?
Answer: Hi.. Dear your baby is colic.. Lay him/her on his back in a dark, quiet room.Swaddle him/her snugly in a blanket.Lay your child across your lap and gently rub his back.Try infant massage..Have him suck on a pacifier.Soak him/her in a warm bath..
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Question: My baby is crying from afternoon why is this so
Answer: Hello Dear baby do not cry without reason there may be plenty of reasons ki fly check *Is yur baby teething this may be major cause of inconvenience and it causes utmost pain so baby tends to get very cranky. He may be mild hot in forehead, refuse to feed, taking his hands n fingers in his mouth and biting everything. * Please check is yur baby clociky. Bloating and gas also cause very discomfort in babies. His stomach must be real tight difficulty in passing motion. *If yes then yu can mix hing n water n make a little paste and massage in circular motion around his navel *If still no relief yu can give him colicaid drops 0.5ml twice a day for three days. *Check is yur baby hungry and his appetite not full this also makes them cranky. *Please check does he have sore throat or redness in his throat with mild cold this also irritate him If above none symptoms present then please take yur little one to doctor , let him be completely examined. Don't worry dear all be good Take care
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Question: Why my baby is crying ?
Answer: Hi dear small baby can cry because of different reasons. If your baby is crying just after feeding then possibly your baby suffering from stomach discomfort or gas. Feed baby properly but don't over feed, burp well after each feed to release the extra gas which can cause discomfort. Hope it helps.
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