3 months old baby

Question: Why my baby left side eye is smaller than right eye

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Answer: Hi dear, it is not just the baby but everyhuman being have such differences in eye shapes and hands and legs. Both will not be of same size. It will look normal once the baby grows and there wont be any issue because of this for the eyesight of the baby.
Answer: Get her eyes checked with eye doctor once.
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Question: My left brest produces more milk than my right breast even the shape ot right brest is smaller than left...why is it so?what should i do?
Answer: hi dear this happens when we don't take care of our breast during pregnancy because due to the hormonal changes the breast size may vary it is must to wear tight bra when we are pregnant even at night times and also after delivery it is master to wear bra and also you should feed your baby on both side equal because when you feed one side and when you don't feed the other sidethis issue happens and other side where you don't get enough milk please do massage for at least 10 minutes with your hand or you can take a warm cloth to massage your breast do this for at least 10 minutes before feedingthis helps to increase the milk secretion and also it helps to have good blood circulation so please do this dear it will help you
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Question: My daughter is 9 months old. Sometimes her left eye seems smaller than the right one. I am really worried why is it so?
Answer: If it is sometimes no need to worry. She might be rubbing her eyes while sleeping which might be causing swelling on her eyes. Even if you will rub your one eye for few seconds your eye migth appear small. It natural .. rubbing increases blood circulation near eyes so it affects the shape for sometime. But do a check for eye infection as well.
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Question: My 44 days daughter's left eye is watery and it appears that her left eye is smaller than the right
Answer: Clean her eye with warm water and drop your breastmilk in her eye
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