1 months old baby

Question: Why my baby is continuously taking out his tongue and behaves like something is there in his mouth but there is nothing. I am really worried?

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Answer: Hi. It's normal. Nothing to be worried of.
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant but still i am not felling and movement and some time nothing is there in my stomach...why i am really worried
Answer: Fetal movements can be observed from 18-24 weeks of pregnancy Close and clear movement can be felt from 26 weeks If you want check your baby movements here are some simple tips Lie down Have a cold fluid Change positions like sitting sleeping standing Have a snack Give a sudden jerky movement Rub your tummy Poke the baby Give a gentle massage to your stomach Talk to your baby
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Question: My baby continuously keeps his tongue out of his mouth... what may be the reason?
Answer: Helo dear ..... There is no reason behind this...This is just a normal activity baby learned it recently so doing this frequently nothing to worry about it ...My lo was also same 😀 take care happy parenting
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Question: It seems like my baby is eating something but nothing is in his mouth
Answer: It's quite common. Babies always feel to suck. When we don't feed they imagine and shew. Try to feed when babies do that
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