3 months old baby

Question: Why my baby dont sleep at dayūüė≠ūüė≠

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Answer: Hello , your baby probably has own unique sleeping pattern. Baby may sleep more during the day, or get most of its sleep during night-time hours. Your baby needs about three hours of sleep in the day until he's around nine months. Most babies have a longer nap in the morning and a shorter one in the afternoon. You can make your baby sleep during night time more and make baby nap for 1 or 2 hrs during night. Make the baby play and get tired most probably baby will sleep . Hope this helps.
Answer: Hello dear, Small babies need time to Adjust to ur sleeping pattern. Best thing to do is u change ur sleeping pattern . It will take your baby 3 to 6 months to sleep in routine. U need rest or u ll get frustrated soon. Dont be angry otherwise it will affect ur breastfeeding.
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Question: I cant sleep at night nowadays..dont know why..
Answer: Hi dear, having a sleepless night during pregnancy and tiring mornings are exhausting. A proper sleep can keep you energetic and productive but as pregnancy changes a lot of things, sleep is one of it. here are some  tips to sleep better during pregnancy. Eat little and often, have smaller meals, and avoid rich, fatty and spicy foods. You could also raise the head of your mattress a few inches, to help keep stomach acids where they should be. Switch to sleeping on your side Sleeping on your side may be more comfortable for you than on your back or front as your bumpgrows bigger. It’s also best for your growing baby, as it helps the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta.  Get into a routine  Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.  Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary If you're in the habit of reading, watching TV or using your phone in bed, try to stop if you can. If you wake in the night and can't get back to sleep, don't lie there tossing and turning. Get up, go into another room and do something relaxing like reading or listening to soothing music until you're sleepy enough to give it another go.
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Question: After delivery elders says dont sleep at day time why???
Answer:¬†Hi.. dear after delivery whe have to change and manage our schedule as per our baby's time. I am also mother of 2 month old baby and i can totally understand your feeling. It is like enjoying motherhood with sleepless night,ūüėä. Make your family understand and take rest when ever you get time and take your elders helps in work when required, taking rest is important for hour health. I also take rest in day time when my baby sleeps and till now i have not faced any issue. Hope this will help
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Question: why my baby dont sleep in day time
Answer: Baby will take power naps during the day.Gradually their sleep time will decrease during the day and increase at night.
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