18 months old baby

Question: Why my baby do eyes up and down

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Answer: Hi dear your baby is exploring a lot at 18 months of age so doing these things does not really mean that there is any problem but if you want you can check it with your gynecologist but I think it is absolutely fine fine and your baby is exploring.. Hope this helps!
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Question: why is my baby rubbing eyes and eyes Color are red
Answer: Hello Ur baby might have some allergy or dust in his eyes. Try washing the eyes with cold water. The allergies usually happen whn the eyes are touched with unclean hands or with new soap shampoo or detergent ur using try using baby friendly products that have mild chemicals so the baby can be allergy free.
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Question: My eyes getting reddish when I wake up after sleep..why?
Answer: Dear you may not be getting enough sleep and that could be causing the eye to become red. If you are getting sufficient sleep and still ur eyes are red the entire day then it would be better to consult an eye specialist. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is up side down what should I do
Answer: You are getting ready to give birth!! Hurray !!! Congoz😘
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