14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why in doppler heart beat can't be heard in 13 weeks??

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Answer: Hi dear if ur baby heartbeat is not detectable till 13th week then doctor will do d&c and doctor will suggest u to avoid pregnancy for 3 month and get health first. Then u can get pregnant again after proper check up
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    Priyanka Singh961 days ago

    My stomach was very hard so she told it was not audible....she has told to do USG after some days

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Question: What will be the heart beat in 8 weeks 4days
Answer: Generally in early stage heart beats are higher like 160 170 even 175 ... anything above 120 is gud
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Question: When I am heard baby heart beat?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. The baby's heart starts to beat at around 6 weeks. You may be able to hear and see your baby's heart beat for the first time when you're about 8 weeks pregnant. This would be a great experience and all the best. Take care.
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Question: What should be fatus heart beat in 33 weeks?
Answer: You will be able to feel them twist and turn. By week 33, the baby's movements will become smaller because they will be too big to swoop around in the womb anymore. ... The baby's heart rate is generally around 130 to 140 beats per minute. Hope this helps.
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