5 months old baby

Question: Why does baby pull her hair?

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Question: Hi my baby starting 8months, why he pull his ear
Answer: Hello dear Might be ur baby is having teething problem. This usually happens when ur baby is going to have teeth and baby start to rub his ears, face, eyes etc. See if ur baby is having swelling gums or new teeth is emerging. If that so, then gently rub ur middle finger in babys gums will give ur baby some relief.
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Question: Why does my baby put everything in her mouth?
Answer: Hello, this is a type of skill training, baby's will develop hand to mouth coordination during this phase so they will be curious to try putting new objects in mouth. So nothing to worry.
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Question: Why does the baby take out her tongue frequently?
Answer: I don't worry it is just a normal practice of the baby usually small babies tend to do this activity it is normal it shows that baby is active and healthy
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