39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why do I feel like crying all day? Nothing seems to be good... wish to leave home alone. Is this sort of emotion natural?

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Answer: Awww... hugs to you my dear....I completely understand what you're going through.. but let me tell you that things will get better once your baby is here... Also whenever you feel low just get out of the house and go for a walk..this will help clear up your mind and also help reduce negative thoughts... Please don't waste your energy feeling low and thinking about things that are beyond your control..
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Question: I have a lot of pain in my anus n some sort of flesh or boil is also seems to be plz suggest some home remedy
Answer: Looks like you have got piles. Its quite lkely to develop piles after delivery. use a sitz bath (a basin filled with warm water) or a bath to soak yourself in warm water. This will help hemorrhoids(piles) to shrink. Do this two to four times a day. Sit on a pillow or waffle cushion to relieve pressure on the rectum. Sitting in a rocking chair or recliner may also be more comfortable than sitting in a straight chair. Hemorrhoid creams, ointments, or sprays are available over-the-counter and can produce short term relief. Ask your doctor to prescribe you one. Increase dietary fiber and your intake of fluids. This will help to prevent constipation. You may be prescribed a stool softener, and this may take a few days to work. Drinking extra water will also help keep your stools soft. If the pain does not go away within a few days, contact your doctor for further assistance.
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Question: Is it normal to feel so emotional at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy?i feel like crying all the day Especially i am alone after my husband goes for duty.Will this affect my babys health?
Answer: Yes dear mood swings are common during pregnancy and it is caused due to hormonal changes. But you should stay happy as your every mood affects the baby. So you should be happy and fresh as it will help you and your baby, read some good books, listen to music, cultivate your hobbies which helps to maintain the mood, go for walk talk to your friends and family. This will help to reduce mood swings .
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Question: I am 5 week pregnant and feel like vomiting all day. Have tried lemons, ginger, over the counter tablets but nothing seems to be working...any tips....
Answer: Hello dear Nausea is common during pregnancy. It can occur at any time, day or night. Although unpleasant, it is considered a normal part of a healthy pregnancy.Try to drink plenty of water but have it in sips. Take small meals 6-7 times. Have something immediately once you get up even before leaving bed . Also you can prepare lemon and ginger water, which can be taken in sips through out the day.
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