6 months old baby

Question: Why baby's breath stop when crying... what we can do?

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Question: How can we stop the baby's hiccups?
Answer: Hold him upright on your shoulder and move your hand on his back the way toy woukd when helping him burp. To avoid hiccups make sure that agar each feed toy burp him and hold him upright for 20 minutes
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Question: can we feel baby's heart beat at 9 weeks by normally when we stop breathing for some seconds
Answer: Not to stop breathing in. Pregnancy... And u can feel hear beat in ur 4th month... Agr mera ans helpfull he to pls thumsup me
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Question: Why baby's breath stop when crying?
Answer: Hi! it is due to the nervous system of the baby which is not matured yet so please whenever you see that baby is Catching A breath while crying please at the back of the baby so that term baby feels good and well but don't worry this is not going to be forever this is for the time being and it will be fine with time as the baby grows old .. Hope this helps!
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