6 months old baby

Question: Why baby's breath stop when crying?

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Answer: Hi! it is due to the nervous system of the baby which is not matured yet so please whenever you see that baby is Catching A breath while crying please at the back of the baby so that term baby feels good and well but don't worry this is not going to be forever this is for the time being and it will be fine with time as the baby grows old .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Why baby always crying he is 11 month old always crying when he will stop dis crying
Answer: Hi.. Dear apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice in a day.. It will give comfort to your child, if baby is crying because of gastric issue.. If no relief then see a pediatrician, baby might be colic..
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Question: Why my baby is stoping breath during crying time
Answer: hi Mum this happens when the baby cries a lot from the bottom whenever you are baby don't great breed please beat on the baby's back. that could help him to take the breath. don't fan 1 is a common with baby is a who cry a lot
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Question: Why did baby's facr turn red when he rub his eyes or crying?
Answer: Hi dear small baby has fast blood flow die to whcih they get red very soon if they cry . So don't worry it happens to all baby.
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