2 months old baby

Question: Why baby puts pressure with sound

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Answer: Hi dear it is normal and very common in infants to put pressure while they are trying to be or Poop it is just their way of giving you cues that they want to pee or Poop Ideally there should not be any problem because the baby is on milk and there is no way that the baby can be constipated yes they can Poop after few days interval the chances of constipation is less . Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby girl puts pressure while pooping ... Is it normal.?.
Answer: If the stool she passes is not constipated and she does not cry during defecation, then no need to worry. A little pressure by the babies is normal.
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Question: Why my baby puts on pressure while passing urine
Answer: just show it to pediatric..ask him to write a scan..it might be a stone..same happend with my baby..hope for best ..
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Question: Hello, i have 25 days old baby. Whn he passes urine he puts alot pressure. Why is it so?
Answer: Hi,even my baby also have same problem...Monday I consulted doctor,he said its normal...
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