11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why am i aving back pain and headache daily... This is really annoying but can't help it.. i av it severely

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Answer: Headache Hi dear, Assess the reason of headache first .headaches could be due to : 1- stress 2- migraine 3- cold or any other infection 4- gastric 5- heat 6- pregnancy or hormonal 7-side effects of any medication 8- dehydration 9- caffeine induced or allergies If you have no history of migraine,it could be pregnancy lead or stress. Treatment: 1- meditation and breathing exercises does help in regular headaches 2- a nice walk in fresh air could improve the healthy breathing 3- eat smaller meals instead of larger meals 4- cold or hot compress on neck and forehead 5- steam 6- eating frozen yogurt 7- drinking plenty of water 8- avoid alcohol and caffine 9- try to avoid stress and practice yoga 10- warm oil head massage could improve blood circulation in head If nothing works out you could talk to your doctor,if he could provide any ointment or medicine which are safe to take to release the headache.
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    Chfel Vaiphei801 days ago

    What about my back pain?

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Question: I am 8 week pregnant.i am getting back pain severely..is it common in pregenency.
Answer: Hello dear, back pain os common during pregnancy... which occurs due to the pressure on back muscles because of the expansion of the uterus... These pains are common during pregnancy... so there's nothing to worry about...also check your posture while walkin and sitting...keep your back straight...and chest out while walking and use a cushion while sitting to support your back, applying camphor oil will also helps ease the discomfort..
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Question: I am facing severely back pain.. especially right side... i feel muscle catch to right leg...... why this is happening
Answer: Hi,I can uunderstand the pain you are going thru. It is usually faced my many women during pregnancy It happens as the baby grows,it needs room to grow.which expands the uterus It leads to many body changes. Expansion of utwrus leads to stretching of muscles which again lead to pain One very important advice at this stage bus I hope you are not sleeping on your back .as it will increase your pain because it presses the most imo nerve which can cause this severe pain and this pain can also travel to thighs and legs Try and sleep on your left side.rhis is the most ideal position. Sometimes your leg pain can also be due to muscles catch. So while sleeping Jeep pillows bet your inees and behind your back for comfort level. You can for relief get hot water saik done.it will give you some relief You can also apply balm for relief Take care
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Question: I am aving pain around belly button is it normal ?
Answer: Hi dear don't worry it is normal during pregnancy this is because of the baby's growth inside the stupid the baby gets class inter through Oracle called which causes pain at the baby develops so if you need to very much for that there are you cannot play and oil around your belly button this helps to reduce the brightness and also it has a high good factors in it
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