5 years old baby

Question: Who to weight improvement baby

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Answer: Hi dear, you should give a diet rich in protein. Such as soya, sprouts , Dal, cereals , curd , cheese , chana or lobia, rajma and non veg. That will help. Take care
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Question: My baby has 10th month running she is weight 7.3 who to gain the weight
Answer: hi mam give for more carbohydrate fibre calcium and protein rich food give her an egg everyday is also give more vegetables and fruits and specially Green Leaves Ragi helps to gain weight to can also give apple banana cucumber days rice cereal dhall add curd in her Daily Meal you can also add ghee this helps baby to gain weight
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Question: Who eat weight gain
Answer: Hi dear, To gain weight in Pregnancy in a healthy way ,one should have a well nourished diet.Pregnancy diet would need a well balanced , nutritious food options.there is no space for any junk like deep fried and sugary foods.eat home cooked clean food.start your day with a cup of warm milk ,or a milkshake/smoothie.after two hours have your breakfast,which has to b powerpacked.include poha/upma/whole wheat sandwiches/dosa/idli/stuffed paratha with less oil.have a fruit after one hour or breakfast.for lunch you can have two whole wheat rotis and a cup of boiled rice(preferably brown). complement it with your favourite vegetable curry/chana/beans etc ,have one protein (Dal/chicken/fish/egg).include some salad for fibre.for snacks fruits or dry fruits are excellent.you can have milkshakes too.avoid any caffeinated beverages and no alcohol at this stage.fir dinner you can have chapati, veggies ,curd and salad.some women also feel good to have a glass of warm milk before sleep.take your prenatal vitamins relegiously.have plenty of water.atleast 8-10 glasses .take rest as well as be active .
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Question: Who to improve weight
Answer: Hi dear if your baby is 2 years old then the baby should weigh around 9.8 to 15.1 Kg if you are babies weight range is within this then there is nothing to be worried about the weights specifically and if the baby is active meeting all milestones pee and Poop count is good then also there is nothing to be worried about the weight Vikas weight can increase later on and healthy baby is most important than chubby babies with a lot of weight however if your baby does not fall within this weight range then I would suggest you to offer banana sweet potato pumpkin cheese different kind of nuts rice and ghee to the baby so that the baby can gain healthy weight .. Hope this helps!
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