39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: White pata delivery ayeduma

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Question: Delivery ke liye hospital kab jaana hai kaise pata chalega?
Answer: Hello dear. You can go to the hospital when you get these following labour signs. The baby drops. Strong and regular contractions. Water breaks. Lower back pain and cramping. Bloody vaginal discharge. Diarrhea or nausea. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Kya doppler usg se accurate delivery date pata hota hai.... If no then aisa kya hai jisey pata chal sakta k exact delivery kab hogi
Answer: Hello dear usg se almost approximate delivery date Pata chalta hai.. But mostly hota hai dear don't worry.. You are almost very near to your delivery dear.. Healofy wishes you all the very best and happy pregnancy dear
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Question: Delivery time near aane ka pata kaise chlta hai
Answer: Hello.. Many an expectant mom has wondered how labor will feel, how long it will take and how to know whether it's the real deal or just a false alarm. It’s hard to predict the answers to all those questions, since every birth is different. Symptoms Backache, which usually will be in your lower back. ... Contractions every 10 minutes or more often. Cramping in your lower abdomen or menstrual-like cramps. ... Fluid leaking from your vagina. Flu-like symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. ... Increased pressure in your pelvis or vagina. Increased vaginal discharge.
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