32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: White discharge suddenly in morning..Is that syntoms for labour . Or due to more stress...?

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Answer: Hi dear White discharge is common in pregnancy. Thin milkyand white discharge with mild smell is common in pregnancy especially in 3rd. Trimister.If u are in the end of ur pregnancy the labour symptoms are like lower back pain, water loss , loose motions, .frequent abdominal pain which feels like tightening of uterus and pressure on the vagina.If u have any itching with white discharge it may be a sign of some bacterial infections
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    Kalai Selvi601 days ago

    Thank dear

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Question: I have white discharge today is a sign of labour?
Answer: Only white discharge is not a symptom of delivery if u experience any bleeding or abdominal cramps or vaginal pain, urge to urinate and poop, water broke this are some symptoms of labour
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Question: Mam White discharge a rha only in morning...it is normal????
Answer: Dear ofcourse that is normal in ist trimester main white n light brown discharge hona normal hota hai bcoz harmonal changes k karan ohk dear don't warry n be happy n keep smiling always
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Question: I have got white watery discharge in small amounts especially in the morning... Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, it might be early signs of labour. Just consult your doctor, let them know about this. If the discharge is a bit more than normal white discharge then it could be water break.
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