34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: White discharge in every urinate it's normal or anything,,, it's like some time mucus,, please help me dear

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Answer: Yeah its totally normal..dont worry, you will feel this discharge beforeyou urinate ,its ok till it doesnt smell or its in yellow or brown colour
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Question: Itching in vaginal area and liquid white discharge is going? Please suggest me some cream or medicine
Answer: If you have Itching around your vagina area you should properly clean your vagina . after every urination wash with normal water and dry this. always wear cotton loose undergarments. this time white discharge is normal this prevent your vagina from infection . If white discharge colour is yellowish with pungent smell then it is infection then you should see a doctor
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Question: Most of the time iam suffering in vaginal discharge like white white something
Answer: White discharge is very common in early weeks due to hormonal changes. It's your normal vaginal discharge. If there if there is no bad smell itching or burning sensation then nothing to worry about . Take care.
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Question: I have still passing yellow and some time red mucus like period reason?? Its normal?
Answer: It is normal after delivery you don't worry...take fiber rich foods
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