16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: While sleping m crossing my foot nd sleping, is that okay or does it changes anything.

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Answer: hi are usually you should not cross the legs and sleep it will put more pressure on jt is better to give your legs Street in case you finding it difficult you should keep pillow behave with behind on the below the legs which will also have to give you comfort
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    Rajini Goud963 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: My back bone to right foot pains a lot. As i couldnt step my foot on the floor it pains alot nd i cant even take sides while sleeping. It is so painful that it changes into crying fr me
Answer: Hi, please understand that this is a very common issue during pregnancy. Take a lot of iron and calcium rich foods like milk, dates, nuts, vegetables to strengthen your bones. Hot and cold packs also work best. Heat water with crystal salt to tolerable heat and keep your feet in that, it really helps relieve cramps instantly. Also taking warm water bath in the nights reduces pain and flexes your muscles. Gentle foot massage also helps. People advise you to take barley water, to reduce leg swelling but DO NOT drink as it will reduce the water content in the uterus also. Instead drink lot of water and stay hydrated. I hope this helps, I had very severe leg pain throughout the pregnancy all these helped me.
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Question: My sleeps while feeding... is it okay?
Answer: hi dear it baby sleeping while breastfeeding you can try to tickle the babys cheeks or tickle babys toes. it will a prevent baby from sleeping and will help to feed properly but the baby is sleeping even after you have tried this method then please let the baby sleep and when baby is hungry it will start crying and then you can start feeding the baby again.
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Question: hello, my LMP is showing i m 9 week pregnant, nd ultrasound showing 8 week growth of baby, is it okay, or anything about worry ,plz tell me
Answer: Ultrasound scanning calculates according to Ur baby position n it's is accurate...
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