6 months old baby

Question: Which type rice to be given to baby of 6 months would be good? Basmati or any other?

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Answer: hi dear. rice is good as a first food that you introduce simply because its said to be allergen free .. you can try the local rice that you cook at home and make different receipes of it and introduce the baby. i would suggest starting what rice you normally have it food , it can be basmati also or even regular rice like kolam or other variety.
Answer: Hi dear upto six month try to give only breastmilk. Because through breastmilk a baby can get all nutrients. And breastmilk helps baby to fight against all problem like cold and cough, constipation, allergies etc.
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Question: What type of rice can be given to my baby? Can raw rice be given or only parboiled?
Answer: Rice cereal/rice porridge is the best if you are starting for the first time. It's easy to digest and less likely to cause any allergic reaction. You can also prepare mashed rice for the baby. Here is how to make it- Boil rice till it is cooked (you can use a pressure cooker to save time). Mash the rice well to a smooth consistency. Once your baby adjusts to this, you could add some lentil(dal) and vegetable stock to make it tastier. You can also add milk or curd to increase its nutritional value.
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Question: Hlo my baby is 10 month's old which type of rice is good for him as lot varieties of rice available in the market like parboiled rice steam rice jeera rice kolam rice basmati rice ?
Answer: hi dear you can try giving Him brown rice, red rice , kambu ,thinai, kuruthavalli millets. You can also use flattened rice .
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Question: Which type of foods can be given to my baby other than breast milk
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby is just 4 months old.and ideally he should be exclusively breastfed.the nutrition from milk would be enough for the baby now.you are not supposed to given water to your baby.continue with exclusively breast feeding till 6 months.only after that start with semi solid or pureed food.early introducing solids might strain his digestive system and could lead to loose motion and vomiting....
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Question: Which food can be given to 6 months baby other than tin food??
Answer: hello dear to start weaning for 6 month old baby you need to choose food that are very easily digestible, food like fruits and green veggies are very easily digestible fruits like apple ,sweet potato ,papaya, banana are best to give and veggies you can give carrot , beans, potato etc. you can also give your baby doll water and rice water. always introduce a new food in every three day like you have to give a same food your baby for 3 day in a row and from fourth day you can start new food like this you will get to know if baby is having allergy from any particular food or not if baby is having allergy, like he will show some sign of irritation or rashes or babies puking too much then stop the food immediately .
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