36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which soap is best to use while itching on legs and stomach

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Question: Which soap is to be used while having itching on the whole body especially at hands and feet?
Answer: If you are having itching in your body then please avoid using soap as they can worsen the condition instead use besan to bath it's a natural cleanser and will maintain pH balance of your skin
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Question: Which is the best soap to use for baby
Answer: Hello dear. You can use teddibar soap. This is very good soap for your little ones sensitive skin. 1.It is suitable from birth. 2. It is completely soap free and does not contain any harmful alkali. 3. It has the same pH as that of normal skin. 4. It is gentle and effectively cleanses deep into the pores, without causing dryness. Take care.
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Question: which company soap best for itching ?
Answer: U can get soap for itching from any branded company but just remember that soap should be medicated and non- scented. All medicated soaps are good whether they are branded or non branded. Just buy it with proper research
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