2 months old baby

Question: Which oil best for baby massage..??

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Answer: There is nothing like that because which products suits my baby may not work for your baby. I used to massage my baby with coconut oil and olive oil. If baby has cough and cold is better to use olive oil instead of coconut oil. Even moms and Co baby body massage oil is also good. You can try. Hope it helps.
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Question: Which oil is best for baby massage
Answer: Hi! You can start with coconut oil. Massage has the benefits to babies as adults, it relaxes their muscles. Also babies r active all day so I think massaging will give comfort. Apart from that for bonding wid the baby with touch therapy. Hope this helps!
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Question: which oil is best for baby massage
Answer: Hi dear in early months of delivery use only coconut oil it's safe n mild . Other oils might give rashes to baby as their skin is too sensitive.
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Question: Which oil is best for baby massage?
Answer: Coconut oil is said to be the best as it has lowest allergic reports
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