6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which kind of exercise is suitable for this period?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear you can do yoga exercises, yoga calms the mind and body, providing the physical and emotional stress relief which your body needs throughout pregnancy. A lot of women also practice prenatal yoga  for normal delivery in pregnancy..  
Answer: Walks and keep your self active
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Question: What kind of exercise need for normal delivery ? From which month can this exercise be done?
Answer: Hello ! You could start walking daily and regarding exercises you must take permission from your doctor and only do the exercises he permits. If you feel uncomfortable or light pains stop immediately. Whether delivery be normal or c-sec... It depends upon lot of things like baby position should be cephalic, bp of mother should be normal, baby has not pooped inside the womb and many more. Stop worrying about normal delivery or the other. Eat good,think positive,have rest. And enjoy this phase because it really doest matters how you deliver the baby but what matters is the healthy baby & the healthy mom....
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Question: Which exercise is suitable for me
Answer: hi dear as you are 8 weeks pregnant and now you can do walking that is more enough and don't do much walking after the first trimester you can try doing walking and also normal exercises with minimal count as a month passes you can increase the count adomo pelvic exercises which are very helpful it will be good if you consult the doctor about your baby's growth and position so depend on that you can do exercises
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Question: which kind of banana suitable for baby
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can give ripe banana to your baby.. Mashed or puree form.. When your baby is able to digest it.. You can make banana pancakes as well..
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