24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which is the best stretch marks cream ?

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Answer: I never used any cream to prevent my stretch marks instead I use coconut oil to prevent stretch mark as well as after delivery I applied aloe vera gel and lemon juice to reduce it and i have very nominal strech marks.
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Question: Which is the best stretch marks cream
Answer: There are various brands available in the market, you can choose any one.. There are 3 effective things you can use for stretch marks from now on, choose any one of your choice.. The results might be slow but they work really well against stretch marks.. First is bio oil, second is mederma and last is any shea based butter cream..
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Question: Which stretch marks prevention cream is best for the pragnancy?
Answer: Hello dear U can start using bio oil for stretch marks in pregnancy. Massaging the affected areas with oils make your skin smooth and help reduce the stretch marks. It will not permanently remove the stretch marks but it can lighten the stretch marks.
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Question: Which is the best cream for stretch marks ???
Answer: Mederma and Bio oil both are good, You can try bio oil just after your 3months of pregnancy
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