11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which fruit juices I can take as I have thyroid also??

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Answer: Tender coconut and lime juice is best...Avoid papaya and pineapple
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Question: Can i take fruit juices in winter season???
Answer: You can have carrot juice, coconut water and raw coconut you can eat. It good for pregnancy
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Question: Best fruit juices to take
Answer: hi dear fruit juices like of pomegranate juice, sweet lime juice are good to have in pregnancy they help in maintaining hb level as well as have vitamin c, potassium, magnesium etc. .
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Question: Iam seventh month pregnant as it is summer can i have fruit juices and ice creams what kind of juices can i take?.....
Answer: Hello dear. During pregnancy you need to avoid grapes, pineapple and papaya. Apart from these all seasonal feuits can be consumed and juices as well. Hope it helps.
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