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Question: Which foods produce heat in the body

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Answer: Hello dear, If you are trying for pregnancy then you should follow general safe food handling practices, including washing hands often with hot, soapy water, especially after using the bathroom and before and after handling food. Hands and working surfaces should be thoroughly washed after contact with raw meat, fish, poultry, and foods that will not undergo further cooking. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be rinsed well before eating, and food such as raw milk and raw milk products, raw or undercooked eggs, raw sprouts, raw or undercooked meat and poultry, and unpasteurized fruit juices should be avoided.  you should avoid papaya, pineapple, grapes and unwashed raw fruits. 
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    Poonam Ranjan361 days ago

    Garam masala produce heat

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Question: Will kesar produce heat in body
Answer: Yes... It is... So consume limited amount of kesar which is 3 or 4petals with milk which is good for blood circulation....
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Question: Can anyone pls suggest me about the foods which doesn't generate heat in my body
Answer: Hi dear There are many diets which are not heat like fruits it ll let your body cool and keeps energetic....tender coconut,but do not avoid any foods as each are rich in different nutrients do take in moderate amount which is safe....take some jeera water after food regularly as it can neutralize your body even if you take heat generating diets
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Question: During pregnancy we must avoid eating such foods which produce heat in our body(pepper, pappaya, spicy, masala etc) Is this true
Answer: Hi Ya thats true because those heat producing diets ll lead for contraction in pregnancy and also there are chances for pre term delivery which is not safe and healthy for do avoid such foods..take care
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Question: Which dates are good for health ? I mean some dates create heat in the body .. which dates do not create heat in the body ?
Answer: Dear all dates can produce internal heat in the body so avoid eating dates.
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