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Question: Which food should I not eat so that miscarriage not occur

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Answer: why you should avoid eating papaya and pineapple during the pregnancy you should also avoid eating food that causes too much of heat you should avoid caffeine rest you can eat healthy food everything you can eat but in moderation you can also take advice from your doctor to be on the safer side on any special diet to be followed
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Question: Which food we eat it causes miscarriage
Answer: Hello dear. Here are few foods that you should avoid while trying to get pregnant Fish and Seafood. Large fish contain high level of mercury which is harmful for infants or young children. Eggplant. Eggplant or brinjal is a common foodeaten in almost all Indian households. Unpasteurized Milk and its Products. Sesame Seeds. Papaya. Ajinomoto. Fennel and Fenugreek Seeds. Refined Flour Products. Take care.
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Question: Which type of food i should eat regularly? So that my child will grow fatty.
Answer: Hello dear Nutritious food to have in pregnancy : 1. Dairy Products 2. Sweet Potatoes 3. Eggs 4. Broccoli and Dark, Leafy Greens. 5. Lean Meat 6. Fish Liver Oil 7. Berries 8. Whole grains 9. Avocados 10. Dried fruit 11. Drink plenty of water
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Question: Whenever I eat kaju my miscarriage occur
Answer: Hello! Dear kaju doesn't cause miscarriage, it is just a coincidence. May be you can talk to the doctor also most of the miscarriage is due to chromosomal defects which one cannot do anything about it. Take care
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