6 months old baby

Question: Which flavour of ceralac is good for baby

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Answer: Hi dear, Apple flavour is good.it depends on each baby too.so try it out.you can change it if baby doesnot like it .
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Question: which flavour of Raggi is good for 6 month baby
Answer: Use basic ragi flour for baby. Better if u can make it urself at home. Specially spouted ragi flour. Wash ragi seeds thoroughly and soak them in drinking water overnight. Drain out all the water in the next afternoon. Take a perforated utensil and line it with a clean white muslin cloth. Put the drained ragi seeds over the cloth. Tie it up and place it somewhere undisturbed in your kitchen for at least 12 hours (I kept overnight). Next day you can see all the ragi seeds with tiny white sprouts on their top.Spread those sprouted seeds in a clean mat or a plate and dry it under sunlight or under fan for few hours till it is completely dry. As I am staying in flat I kept them under fan plus partial sunlight (you can see in the pic below). Heat a large non-stick pan or kadai. Add the dried ragi in it and roast on a very low flame and get it lightly toasted. Cool it down completely.Put roasted ragi seeds in a blender. Add little (1/4 tsp) ginger powder and elachi powder to it. This step is completely optional. Powder it. If the quantity is large powder by giving it to a flour mill. I have done it in my mixie as I took less quantity. Keep an eye on your mixie not to get overheated. If then wait for a while, allow it to cool down then you can proceed. Flour is ready . How to make ragi porridge Take 2 tablespoon of ragi powder in a small pan and mix in a little water (¼ cup or less than that) without forming any lumps.Add more water and keep it on low flame stirring it continuouslyWhen the mixture turns thick, add jaggery syrup or any other forms of sweetener like date syrup, kalkandam, panamkalkandu/palm sugar or regular sugar.Add ¼ cup milk and cook well for another five minutes.Add 1 teaspoon ghee and switch off. Benefits of ragi Ragi flour is recommended as a weaning food for babies because of its high nutritional content. It prevents malnutrition and provides adequate amount of energy too. Easily digestible: Ragi is non-glutinous and non-acidic. So it’s easy to digest. It is a good laxative too. Feels full when consumed: Ragi contains complex carbohydrate and glucose is released very slowly into the blood without overloading. Thus it keeps us full for a long period of time. Curbs appetite: Ragi contains tryptophan, an amino acid which helps to curb appetite. Hence ragi porridge is a very healthy dinner for babies. Builds immunity: It is ideal for pregnant mothers and helps build immunity to the baby in the womb. High calcium and iron: It is good for lactating mother due to its high calcium and iron content. It improves the production of blood too. Maintain blood sugar levels: The fibre content in ragi lowers cholesterol and help to maintain blood sugar levels. Mothers having gestational diabetes can use ragi/ ragi products instead of other grains as it will help control their blood sugar level.
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Question: Which flavour of cerelac is good test?
Answer: I won't suggest you to give your baby Cerelac as you can you say like while you are travelling or an emergency but if you are at home then you should give your baby natural fruits and vegetables as they are highly nutritious and a very easily digestible.
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Question: Which flavour of cerelac is good for 7 months baby
Answer: Hello dear. You can start with rice cerelac and change to other flavors gradually. Take care.
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