1 months old baby

Question: Whether we can give nestle lactogen 2 formula powder for 1.5 month old baby??

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Answer: Have beet root juice every day...
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Question: Can we use lactogen formula milk powder for 3 months old baby?
Answer: Try to give breastfeeding if it is not at all possible then give ferx which is recomended by all doctors from many years
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Question: We are using nestle lactogen formula milk. Now she is 4 months old can we use nestle non- pro formula milk???
Answer: White discharge is normal, unless it smells different and it colour is different from usual
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Question: can i give nestle nan formula powder to my 2 days old baby bcoz breastfeed is vry less!?
Answer: Hi dear yws surely u can give formula milk to baby if ur milk production is low. But dont give cow milk to baby till 1 year of age as it is not good for baby to digest easily.
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Question: Can we give 1st stage lactogen formula for 7months baby???
Answer: The stages of formula milk will be according to the months of the baby. In seventh month it shud be second stage of lactogen .
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