11 months old baby

Question: Whether we can give dates and soaked almond for my baby...

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Question: Can we give soaked almond to 9 month 16days baby
Answer: Hi. Yes you can sure give your baby almonds. Make sure you give just 1 almonds to baby now, You can make a soft paste of it and mix in babies milk and feed. As almonds contains calcium it would help in babies bine development it also contains dha which makes babies memory sahroer and helps in brain development. Good luck.
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Question: Can we give soaked almond for 18 months baby daily
Answer: Hi dear.. yes, if ur baby is able is chew it then it is advised to give minimum 4 almonds a day.. keep an eye on the digestion too, give more water to drink. U can also make a dry fruit mix or dry fruit milkshake which is very healthy for the growing kids. All the best
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Question: Can we give almond(soaked & grinded) to baby?
Answer: Hi dear plz don't give anything at all to baby till 6.months of age. Right now only breastfeed or formula is enough. Also start giving dry fruits after baby will.be above 1 year.
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