2 months old baby

Question: Whenever my son cries tear comes from right eyes.. we consulted doc for this.. he says its fine... But whenever i see tears from right eye we get worried...pls suggest

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Answer: Dear I know its bit strange but its completely fine for small babies and as baby will grow it will be fine..
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Question: Hello dear moms, i am using Himalaya baby soap.. but my son cries when I apply soap on face.. may be it's hurting his eyes. Please suggest a tears free soap. he is 5 months and 27days old.
Answer: all babies do the same. As babies feel uncomfortable when we wash face. Nothing to worry
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Question: Dears I'm so worried my son completed 3month & started 4th month.... He's all fine if he's at home he plays etc but if we take him out example to church as soon as we step out he starts to cry very badly he cries.... Is this normal non stop he cries can't control we felt he's feeling insecured or scared even via car we travel he cries..... But once back home hes all fine plays smiles etc drink milk sleeps again he's fine & normal... What to do im confused & upset can't see him crying please help
Answer: It's normal for babies they scared because of people or environment around ur baby. He feels more comfortable at house than new places. Try take to take more places so that baby never feels environment new. One time same thing happened to my son we had taken him to my grandmas he cried a lot without stopping .almost I stayed outside to keep my son calm. From that day we take him outside .now he feels comfortable and never cries
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Question: My Son rubs eyes very much since 2 days. But no duct inside his eyes and no reddish in his eye pls suggest Soon. Am little worried
Answer: Hi! I don't think there is anything to be worried baby is just exploring the body parts rubbing eyes can know means baby is feeling sleepy may be, please notice if the baby is feeding well baby is crying cure not baby speak out then put out this file or there is any associated problem then only you take the baby to the pediatrician otherwise I don't think it is required . Hope this helps
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