5 months old baby

Question: Whenever i bottle feed my baby i put some sugar in the milk..Any problem?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear As per doctors dont gave sugar and salt to ur 5 months old baby. Always start giving after 1 yr. But u can start giving little otherwise ur baby will not be in habit of eating it and will not like the taste further.
Answer: My friend also did the same for her first baby, a pinch of sugar is fine
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Question: hello. I pump my excess of milk in bottle to feed my bottle bady,but my bady do not drink in the bottle so usally it will waste pls suggent any tips for this problem
Answer: Hi dear, You can feed the baby with spoon,if your baby is not used to bottle feed.but if your baby is taking enough feed through breasts then no need to feed the extra milk.once your body is used to the demand of baby then it won't produce extra milk.meanwhile to u can throw the extra milk,if your breasts are getting too heavy.
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Question: I use bottle for feeding. After the feed i used to put the bottle in water and boil it. It cause any danger to my child
Answer: Hi, Doctors usually recommend not to use bottle. But for time being we stick to bottle. Bottle can be affected easily by bacteria. So, to sterlize it, boil the water first and put the Bottle in it. Dont directly boil the Bottle in water
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Question: My baby girl dont wants to get feeded by bottle ...now I put my brest milk in the bottle and tries to feed her...she made two or three suction...but cries at last.i just want her to feed her formula milk also besides my milk....what to do.....and for how much duration breast milk can be stored in the bottle
Answer: Hi! If you already have breastmilk why do you want her to have formula? Please feed your milk Momma, that is the best for her till 6 months of her age. Good luck!
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