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Question: Whenever I eat kaju my miscarriage occur

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Answer: Hello! Dear kaju doesn't cause miscarriage, it is just a coincidence. May be you can talk to the doctor also most of the miscarriage is due to chromosomal defects which one cannot do anything about it. Take care
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Question: Can i eat kaju ? One of my frd said not to eat kaju
Answer: Hello dear. Cashew nuts can be a perfectly good source of energy. However, see to that you are not allergic to it. If you are allergic to cashew nuts, the side effects may put your health and pregnancy at risk. Please have in moderation. Take care.
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Question: Whenever my son eat fruits he get cold and cough why it was occur?
Answer: Hi Mum please check whether the fruit your baby intakes for watched well and it is a note and refrigeration it's so the baby my get cold and cough avoid giving such fruits and you can add other fruits like Goa cucumber Apple pomegranate strawberry Raspberry pear these fruits don't cause cold and cough only fruits like grapes Orange mosambi will cause cold
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Question: Which food should I not eat so that miscarriage not occur
Answer: why you should avoid eating papaya and pineapple during the pregnancy you should also avoid eating food that causes too much of heat you should avoid caffeine rest you can eat healthy food everything you can eat but in moderation you can also take advice from your doctor to be on the safer side on any special diet to be followed
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