36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When will uterus open for normal delivery??

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Answer: Hi dear it basically depends on person to person for some people the cervix main delete soon for some people it takes longer time to dilate the cervix cancer completely depends but since you are at 36 weeks of pregnancy after 37 weeks and within 40 weeks anytime you can feel that your cervix is getting deleted it is a one of the very significant sign of your delivery, so please walk a lot it will help .. All the best!
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Question: Hii....it's my 38th week.....yesterday i had severe abdominal pain...i consulted my doctor...she told still uterus didn't open...so wait for due date....when uterus will open...what i have to do for that
Answer: I had same problem in 38th week and my uterus open in 39th week and it is doesn't have any problem. You can take a long walk of 45 mins so that it will be easy for you
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Question: In the 9th month pregnancy when the os will open for delivery
Answer: Dear ,waiting for labor pain to start naturally needs lot of patience..please keep yourself active and daily do 15 minutes of brisk walk..some people do take home remedies like consuming castor oil with warm water..some try having intercourse while some stimulate nipples to induce labor..for me labor was not easy too..my water broke and it was induced with tablet..for you there is still time ,keep walking dear..some ladies can wait 2 weeks post due date to..depending on your situation doctor would allow you to wait till then.I wish you all the best..have safe delivery..
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Question: When will cervix open ?
Answer: dear it depends in many women it starts to get open from 37 week of pregnancy and some it doesn't opens by end of the pregnancy same happened with me because of which I had to get induced labour pain
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