36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When will uterus open for normal delivery??

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Answer: Hi dear it basically depends on person to person for some people the cervix main delete soon for some people it takes longer time to dilate the cervix cancer completely depends but since you are at 36 weeks of pregnancy after 37 weeks and within 40 weeks anytime you can feel that your cervix is getting deleted it is a one of the very significant sign of your delivery, so please walk a lot it will help .. All the best!
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Question: How to open uterus for normal delivery??
Answer: Hello Welcome to healofy most doctors will only encourage you to speed up the dilation process or induce labor when they feel it is necessary. Walk. ... Use Birth Balls. ... Do Gentle Exercises. ... Relax with Warm Shower. ... Empty Your Bladder. ... Stimulate Your Nipples or Have Sex. ... Try Acupressure. ... Opt for Medical Methods. Hope I was helpful
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Question: when will my uterus gets open... I am 38 weeks pregnant.... doctor told me still it is not opened... does normal delivery is possible
Answer: im 40 weeks now and still not opened ....dont worry
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Question: My due is 18th yesterday went to Check up dr said uterus little bit open... it's good for normal delivery
Answer: Hi. Yes if uterus is open its a positive sign. Be active as much as you can , walk walk and lots of walking would help.
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