17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When will the vaginal heaviness stop during pregnancy?? My doctor told it's because of uterus expansion

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Answer: It will be there entire pregnancy.. I still feel.. coz of utreus n pelvic widening
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    Shabana Shabu602 days ago

    Is it something to fear?? Or normal one??

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Answer: Heavy breast can be due to milk production, it will gradually reduce when you stop feeding. You can breastfeed for six months, then gradually introduce appropriate family foods in the second six months while continuing to breastfeed.
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Question: After c section when will the vaginal bleeding stop
Answer: Bleeding may b fr 15days to 20days or may prolong.. Or it can be less also
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Question: I am having regular pain near my vagina...is it because of uterus expansion and contraction
Answer: If it is mild it is the expansion...if it is severe visit your doctor
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