38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When will the cord fell down after birth? What to do with it?

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Question: When will the belly button go to normal after the cord stumps off?
Answer: Dear belly button takes from 3-6 months to get back to normal sometimes. Though in some rare cases it can take upto 1 yr as well which is also considered normal. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi my baby got fell down from bed today she cried when she fall down and she is normal after that, will it affect?
Answer: Hello dear If u see that baby is active enough after felling from bed and also having proper breastfeeding or formula then u need not to worry. But if u see anything serious such as vomiting or blood, then immediately rush to hospital.
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Question: What to do when finding cord around the neck
Answer: Dear cord around baby neck will not cause any problem to baby and its very normal because while moving baby get loop around neck and unloop also and moreover normal delivery is possible with single loop...
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