1 months old baby

Question: When we recover after 45 day period start how many days will be it take

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Answer: Some people had regular period after recovery.and in some it takes1,2,3 month after delivery. lts completely normal .depends person to person.i had my period after 6 month in first pregnancy.it shouldn't delay more otherwise contact Dr .
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Question: for normal delivery how many days it will take to recover. wen will start normal day today work?
Answer: In case of normal delivery you may get discharged from the hospital on the very next day or in 2 days.Even though you feel normal after one to two weeks and will be able to do day today work, it is better to take good rest till 3 months.
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Question: After normal delivery, how many days will it take to recover?? Please let me know
Answer: If you take proper care of yourself then you can get recover by 20 to 25 days so make sure that you don't stretch your legs and then sit sit by joining your both the legs , also avoid oily and sweet food to have.
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Question: After how many day we will take the pregnancy tedt
Answer: Hi dear, once you missed your period you can do home pregnancy test in the same day or anyday after that but make sure to use only first midstream urine of the day for accurate results..
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