6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When we need to take vaccines during pregnancy?

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Answer: hi , there are some vaccines normally given before pregnancy and some during pregnancy .. the ones you take during are the tetanus one as well as some times the flu related vaccine which your doctor may suggest. Always go as per what your doctor suggests on vaccination
Answer: Hello, your gynecologist will guide you on your vaccination schedule please contact her .
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Question: During pregnancy do we need to take any vaccinations?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes you must take two tetanus vaccination between 27-36 weeks of pregnancy.somw also get DPT which includes diptheria and pertussis along with tetanus.
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Question: When we take tt injection during pregnancy
Answer: Hi Dear! All pregnant women need to get vaccinated against the flu and whooping cough during each pregnancy and getting the vaccine as early as possible or within the third trimester (between 27 and 36 weeks of pregnancy) is important. Hope this helps!
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Question: When can we take saffron during pregnancy
Answer: V can tak saffron at any time if its taste nd smell is comfortable for mom...no problem ...but it has no commection with babies skin colour scientifically....babies skin colour is genetically determined...but it has oder usefulness...good for health..
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