8 months old baby

Question: When we introduce fish for babies?

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Answer: Hello Dear! Experts recommend to including fish in your baby diet after he turn six months. By this age your baby immune system will be better equipped to handle solid foods. You may want to introduce fish to your baby diet by feeding him only a small amount. Give your baby about half a teaspoon of well cooked fish with very little spices. Make sure the fish is de-boned, mashed well and added to a food that your baby is used to.
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Question: when can we introduce egg white for babies..
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. It is the white of the egg that is allergenic and not the yolk. Many pediatricians say that introducing egg yolks are typically fine for the non-allergic baby around 8 months old. However please consult your pediatrician before offering any first food for thr baby, below the age of 1. Take care.
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Question: When we can introduce fish or chicken for 10 month old babies
Answer: Hello... You can introduce chicken, fish to babies, after one year, because it is hard to digest, introducing now may cause indigestion, can now give chicken soup, liver to babied
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Question: When we start fish for babies?
Answer: hi you can start giving non-veg today baby after the baby is 1 year old also make sure that you give your baby only low Mercury fish which is safe for the child
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