16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When to expect 2 level USG!?

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Answer: Hello Anomaly scan (ultrasound level II) will happen between 18 and 20 weeks.
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Question: What is level 2 usg test?
Answer: Hi Actually two ultrasound will be done during pregnancy those are in first trimester means about 6 to 9 weeks it can be done for confirm estimated due date ,for conform,heartbeat,determine no.of featus while the second one ultrasound will be done in second trimester means about 18 to 22 weks it can be done for know the babys development,for sex determination,measuring amniotic fluid etc..but the third ultrasound or addition uktrasound will be done only in some cases those are if pregnant women having any spotting,or if your carrying twins then it can be done for babys growth,or if your having risk of preterm labour in this cases only additional ultrasound willbe done
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Question: When to expect delivery???
Answer: Hi dear, Due date is calculated by adding 280 days(40 weeks) to the first day of last month period.if you can provide me the lmp I can calculate it for you.right now you are at 36 weeks and have 4 mor weeks for your due date.
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Question: How much does level 2 usg cost
Answer: The cost vary from city to city and hospitals to hospitals so yhe cost can start from 1000-2500rs.
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