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Question: When the egg will be released and on which side ovary

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Question: Hi, How to plan intercorse during ovulation. Is there any way to tell when egg will be released.
Answer: download my period my calendar it will clearly show u which are ur exact ovulation days... 9th day to 18 th day these days are ovulation days try these days.. especially morning time it gives positive results.. after intercourse put a pillow under ur back maintain a slant position wait for 45 mints so dont move and dont go to washroom.. definitely u will get pregnancy..
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Question: How to know the fertilization and egg released time
Answer: Hi dear, It is difficult to know when the egg is fertilized.but ovulation or release of egg could be tracked.therw are ovulation kits available in market ,through which you could know,when to you are ovulating.Ovulation is the most fertile period in comes around 10-18 days post periods. Certain signs of ovulation are: 1- discharge changes from thick white to egg white consistency 2- mild abdominal cramp or back ache 3- mild increase in body temperature 4-increase in libido or sex urge 5-breast tenderness 6- mild spotting post fertilization,many women get spotting,which could mean implantation.i never experienced implementation bleeding it depends on individual.
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Question: I had iui on 9th and 10th april 2019(Double iui). Now from 2 days i have pain on my right side (egg is released from right ovary)and white discharge.pls tell me what does it mean?
Answer: Hi dear, so the pain is normal as your body is going through alot of changes. So just take rest and white discharge is just because of hormonal changes. Dont worry but if pain gets severe or unbearable then its important to visit your doctor.
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