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Question: When the egg will be released and on which side ovary

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Question: When does egg release from ovary...Estimated fertile window or estimated Ovulation day? How many days does the egg release after Ovulation test is positive? Or the egg is released the same day of the ovulation test is positive??
Answer: ovulation last for only 12 to 24 hours so the moment you get a positive test on the ovulation kit it is the same day that population is going to last it is better for you to have sex before this day
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Question: Hi, How to plan intercorse during ovulation. Is there any way to tell when egg will be released.
Answer: download my period my calendar it will clearly show u which are ur exact ovulation days... 9th day to 18 th day these days are ovulation days try these days.. especially morning time it gives positive results.. after intercourse put a pillow under ur back maintain a slant position wait for 45 mints so dont move and dont go to washroom.. definitely u will get pregnancy..
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Question: Can i concieve if egg released from the ovary where the tube is removed. Means my right side tube is removed so if egg released from that side then can i get pregnent.?
Answer: No,it's not possible. If egg is released from left ovary then ,it is possible to conceive ...
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