5 months old baby

Question: When should i start to give daal pani to my baby

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Question: Should i give daal pani to my baby 4th month old baby..
Answer: Hi! No please do not offer any other food item other than milk to your 4 months old baby your 4 months old babies digestive system is designed to digest only milk and no other food items but even if your baby complete 6 months please note that Dal ka pani has no nutrition rather you can offer normal to your baby it will give a lot of Nutrition to your baby's body and health .. Hope this helps!
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Question: When should I start solids?? Or liquid diet like moong daal ka pani etc?
Answer: U can Start giving Watery( other than Formula/ breastfeed) , Semi Solid or Solid food only after 6 months...After 6 months u can start Ragi Porridge, Wheat Porridge,Ragi Kanji, Ragi Milk,Milllet , Oats , papaya puree, Apple puree, Idli, Dosa, potato mash rice, Veg Smashed rice, Carrot mash, Carrot Soup, Potato Soup, Avocado, sattu Maavu, Upma, Khichdi.. Don't introduce more than one new food a day and Note the baby poop after every feed... if u feel its not digested stop the feed...
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Question: My baby is 4 months old.. When can i start daal ka pani?
Answer: Hello dear U should start giving solid food to ur baby at 6 months and when ur baby begin to have solid so start giving only 1 or 2 spoons of daal ka pani or chaval ka pani to baby. Then slowly slowly u can Increase the quantity of solids
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