4 months old baby

Question: When should babies reach double the born weight? By the end of fourth month or by the end of fifth month.?

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Answer: Babies become double of their birth weight by end of 4 month of age
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Question: What should be the heart rate of the baby during Fourth or fifth week of pregnency?
Answer: Hi friend, basically you will not able to recognize the heart beat in fourth or fifth week.Cardiac activity in a developing fetus usually starts at the end of the 5th week. So by 6 weeks you will be able to hear the heartbeat and in the beginning the heart rate will be between 120 to 160 bpm
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Question: How much normal weight should be gained at the end of fifth month
Answer: Hi mam I hope you are asking about you during pregnancy every month we should increase 1 kg weight make sure that you have done it properly and you stated to lose weight during pregnancy we should not lose weight one unless it is overweight
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Question: what should be the weight of baby in the end of fifth month pregnancy? my baby's weight is 456gm in the end of fourth month..is it fine?
Answer: Baby s weight is slightly on the lower side and i would suggest that you increase your calorie intake a little more add dairy and fruits to increase foetal weight .
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