1 months old baby

Question: When my baby born she was very fair in complexion but she becomes littile dark in complexion what should i do to enhance her complexion

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Question: my baby born fair ....but now she is dark.....what to do to improve baby complexion
Answer: Hello dear, baby's skin tone changes during the first year to its real colour. It is due environment. But dont worry baby's colour is mostly depend on genes. Over the six months mostly baby's true skin develop. And if baby is born with fair complexion then baby's colour will be fair. Some may advise to apply ubtan and massage but they do not work. It happens with all babies so dont worry.
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Question: My baby complexion was fair when she was born but it becoming dark why
Answer: Babies when born have a thin layer of skin which protects the skin from the exposure from amniotic fluid in the womb. This makes the baby look more fair and as it comes out the skin might look dull. Also during the initial days it looks little dull. The original complexion can be seen only after 6 months of age.
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Question: What to do for baby fair skin.. when she born very fair but now very dark in colour
Answer: Hi baby complexion completely depends on parents .also for the first 6 months baby color may keeps on changing .don't worry as after sometimes it will get fine. No need to worry.
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