6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When is the first ultrasound done?? My doctor ask me to get it done in the starting of 7th week...is that ok???

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Answer: Congrats for your pregnancy firstly.. And ya its okay because ultrasound is done in 3rd month of pregnancy or in 7th week because ultrasound rays are harmful in early pregnancy as baby is very sensitive and it is also very small.
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Question: Hello Doctor, my consultant doctor have asked me to get Ultrasound done on 7th week which is coming nxt week. So that she may review heart beat of fetus. Will it be safe, should I go for it or not?
Answer: Hi dear, Ultrasound scan is absolutely safe and the first trimester this scan is very important.your pregnancy is viable or not would be detected in this scan.ultrasounf scan uses sound waves and is absolutely safe.you would need to do few more scans in coming weeks.so get used to it.
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Question: Hi Doctor, This is my 5th of pregnancy and I have visited hospital and doctor ask to me to come hospital in 7th week of pregnancy for ultrasound so is it required in 7th week or not?
Answer: Hello dear. Ideally yes a scan should be done after 7 week to see the growth and heartbeat of the baby have arrived timely. Hope it helps.
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Question: my first ultrasound scan was done at 7th week, it's my 17th week starting from tomorrow, when should I go for next scan
Answer: please check with your doc as it's time to go for double marker test
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