14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When i went to gynae my first ultrasound report ws showing my due date ws 25 may den it changed 24 may now it is showing 27 may is there any problem??

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Answer: No there is no problem at all our exact date doctor can tell us after 3 months so if any changes need not to worry
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    Lisha Bagga418 days ago

    Wht if after 3 months ultrasound also show Edd vary??

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Question: According to my lmp my due date which doctor gave was 30th nov.. After my first ultrasound EDD ws 10th dec and now after my second ultrasound it changed to 17th dec.. Which is accurate?
Answer: There is always a plus minus of seven days when calculating the estimated delivery date because it never happens that your baby will deliver on the exact date because ultrasound is a machine and it evaluates the data coming from the baby is vital measurement suggest bone blood circulation tissue development etca so it can never guarantee hundred percent of hundred and one percent when will your baby be delivering You will be delivering between 10th to 17th
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Question: Hi my due date changed after 12 week ultrasound and my baby is showing 11 weeks 5 days after scan is there any issue!!
Answer: Hello dear, scan report shows according to baby growth. That's why you can find difference between lmp and usg date. 1-2 week difference is nothing to be concern, so don't worry. You can consider your due date from lmp date. 
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Question: My scanning report showing different due date.. First report was showing 11Nov, second was showing 10Nov, third report was 8Nov & fourth report was showing 2Nov. Why it is varying? What is correct due date?
Answer: Consider weeks, due date as per the last periods date only. The ultrasound report calculates as per the growth and development of the baby and hence can be confusing. So avoid the due date as per ultra sound.
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