Few days old baby

Question: When i feed my ,my breast nipples are red and painfull.wt i do.

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Answer: Hi dear I think the baby is latching is not correct hence you are feeling that pain and there is redness on your nipples I would suggest you to please make the baby latch correctly because while they lack the entire areola should be sucked and not only the nipple 1 se start sucking only on the nipples it becomes too painful and hard to feed the baby you can cold compress the nipples you can also apply your own breast milk and nipcare cream both of them as if there is no problem in applying them and please try to see a lactation consultant to correct the baby's latch.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 4 month old, m giving her breast feed, but my nipples are cracking, and having heavy pain when she sucks....what to do?
Answer: Breast cracks when the baby sucks only the nipple. Try to insert into her mouth maximum portion of breast as possible. Make sure that her mouth is full open.
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Question: My nipples are bleeding when i feed my baby what to do i have applied desi ghee
Answer: Hi.. I had faced the same problem. This is due to cracked nipples. Try using nipcare cream. Make sure you wash it before feeding the baby. Also ensure that the baby latches properly during feeding. Cracked nipples may be cz the baby sucks only the nipple. Pls check different feeding positions and choose the one comfortable for both of you. Don't worry it does get better with time..
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Question: hello...my nipples have cracked and it pains terribly when i feed her....also my breast milk is not sufficient for my baby..im givin her top feed...what to do for my cracked nipples and less supply of BM
Answer: consult ur doc as he can prescribe an ointment to relieve ur pain and meanwhile for breast feeding u can use artificial nipples, they are available at medical store. n for improving BM u have to drink milk urself as it boosts milk
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