5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When does milk appear in your breast during pregnancy

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Answer: Hello dear while pregnant women do produce colostrum Milk but its not mandatory in every women usually it can start to discharge anytime from second trimester of pregnancy but in my case I never had got any colostrum milk but was able to feed my baby properly
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Question: When does milk starts to come in breast in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. The breasts may start to produce milk weeks or months before you are due to have your baby. Your breasts will start to feel full a couple of days after giving birth, which is a sign that your milk is coming in. Take care.
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Question: When does milk starts to form in breast during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear As early as the 16th to 19th week, you may notice a yellowish discharge, called colostrum, from your nipples. This just means that your breasts are getting ready for breastfeeding. Colostrum is the "pre-milk" that helps protect your baby from disease during the first few days of breastfeeding.
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Question: When does stretch mark start to appear during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi,as the uterus grows and body muscles starts stretching the stretch marks start appearing. It becomes visible after fourth month You can start applying bio oil Aloe Vera Coconut oil.egg white mask Lemon juice All this can help in lightning the stretch marks. All the best.
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