8 months old baby

Question: When can we give famiy food to baby

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Question: When we can start to give food to our babiest
Answer: Hi, It is advisable to give babies breastmilk exclusively for atleast 5 to 6 months. All the nutrients and calories needed for baby to grow is present in the breast milk.also baby's guy is not yet mature to handle other foods other than breastmilk in the initial months. After 6 months,gradually, semisolid and solid foods can be introduced
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Question: When we have to give food to baby
Answer: Hi dear, Not anytime befire baby turns 6 months.till then exclusively brestfeeding.it is the only thong baby can digest till then .donot try to give anytjing including water tonbaby befire 6 months
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Question: When we can give ghee to baby's food
Answer: Hi dear as soon as you start with solids for ur baby u can give ghee
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