2 months old baby

Question: When baby starts handle there head proply.

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Answer: Hello dear Your baby will gradually develop head control over her first six months. Your baby's neck muscles are fairly weak at birth. For the first few months, she'll rely on you using your hand to support her head and neck when you hold her.
Answer: Hi, usually bsbies can hold their head properly by 4 months. Some may do it earlier some may take till 5 months
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Question: Plz tell, if baby head engaged, then labor starts when?
Answer: Hi dear. Its not possible to tell the timing when labour will start. Because some women get labour pain even after 2 hours and some have to wait for enyire month. So just wait and take care of your self.
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Question: When the head of the fetus starts to turn?
Answer: Hello! Fetus in the womb generally take its position as head down by 32-35weeks. After this period the chances of it going to head down position is absolutely negligible. Take care
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Question: Is there any hint comes when baby heartbeat starts ?
Answer: Only in ultrasound ull come to know heart beat of baby. Within 6-8 weeks you can hear ur baby heartbeats
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